Jim Noir: Tower of Love

Jim Noir has provided the much needed cleansing of my musical palette. I get enthralled with lo-fi, acoustic, rustic adventures, that sometimes I need a beat of fresh sound to bring me back to zero. I have found this re-balance in Noir's Tower of Love.

The album was recently released on August 8th on Barsuk Records and has been on constant rotation here at the P&S. Barsuk's description doesn't fall too far from my own, but they had this to say, "Imagine a Wurlitzer jukebox stacked with the hits of ELO, Super Furry Animals, Pepper-era Beatles, The Beta Band, The Beach Boys, early Pink Floyd and Supertramp. Now imagine blowing that jukebox up with a cartoon-style dynamite stick and making a record from the exploded fragments of vinyl and luminescent tubing."

Whimsical beats with light and catchy vocals, Jim Noir's music makes me feel good, it makes me feel on the move, and puts a smile on my face. He takes what has worked before and has used it to his advantage. Unlike others that are thrown into a pop category, there is a sense of validity to Noir's work that demands attention in the vein of a McCartney or Wilson tone. The track "Turbulent Weather" sounds like an outtake directly from Pet Sounds. And the two singles that have been released for video, "My Patch" and "Eanie Meany", both simple in structure and arrangement, but in them, an exploratory sound that you can’t get out of your head.

A true gem of a record, and well deserving of a thorough listen.

.: Key of C

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