Dogme 95

Dogme 95 is the moniker for Nick Wright, who also happens to be the man behind the Mission Label out of Chicago. If you are not familiar with the label, make sure to explore it's artists. Some real good musicians.

Since this unforeseen break, I have really embraced the sounds of Dogme 95, an alt-country/experimental sound that in my opinion, really excel on the two tracks below from the 2005 release, Arcadian Hymns. An acoustic blend that fortunately continues onto his latest project, a cd entitled The Reagle Beagle. Both are must listens.

Check out the links below and make sure to check out his video for Breed, it's directed by fuckin' Mark Borchardt...It's alright, it's o.k., there's something to live for, Jesus told me sooooo!

.: Calm and Tame
.: Kingdom / Garden

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