Indian Moon

This is the first of a few Banter Records posts.

I was sent the demo tapes of Indian Moon, who have a release due out this summer, and was immediately drawn to the slow intimate folk-like music that filled my head. Like the image above, I see slow moving origami shapes, similar to the video for Bowl of Oranges by Bright Eyes, but simple plucks of the banjo and guitar, intimate chimes and piano, low, but eerie vocal stylings that are in the vein of Gary Jules, and on Sleeping With His Gun, a vision of Kurt Cobain, but with a front porch feel. Now some may find that sacrilegious, I find it my first response.

A real highlight in listening to these tapes was the track In Good Company. This track features a lovely creature's voice accompaning our singer, forging in my mind, an intimate and twisted moment in time that takes the listener to a meadow at dusk, with fireflys and crickets serenading our lovers as they lay beneath a hushly veiled night sky.

Unfortunately, as of right now, I couldn't find much information about Indian Moon, other than they have a myspace account and our singer makes a declaration that he could not, "do it without these guys: emily neveu, dave pettijohn, dave nardini, kevin barr, doc davidson, jeremy scott, jackson milgaten, tree."

Be on the look out for this release and future writings here about Banter Records. Sample a few tracks from Indian Moon below and get a few more on their myspace.

.: Sleeping With His Gun
.: In Good Company
.: Goodnight Minnesota

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