I hate jet lag.

Two weeks to the day and I'm back from my trip to Canada (and managed to shoot down to Tampa for a wedding), but I'm back. The email box is overloaded and the stack of cds I've received has now officially taken over my desk. So much has happened in the world of music in my abscence, that I feel I need a week to catch up.

My plans involve a new podcast soon (got imic finally), reviews, and much much more. Some great stuff on the horizon. So to all who have decided to hang on to the P&S in this extremely fast pace world of ours, thank you and more to come this weekend.

Here are a few pictures from my stay in Toronto, Montreal, and Quebec. It was my first time in Canada and it was a awesome. A lot of fun and a lot of great people up there. The highlight I think though, was the week long party that was the Quebec Summer Festival. Four, I think it was four, stages for local and national bands to perform and the parties everywhere.

More to come.