Great White North / Bob Dylan: 7 Years of Bad Luck

Reviews and more to continue once I return from the Great White North (7/18). Oh, and if you live in the area, I just found out The Notes and Scratches are playing that night (7/18) at The Wetlands in Chapel Hill. I'm going to try my hardest to jump off that plane at 8:30pm and head over there. Josh Dumas and company are outstanding and this is their first time in NC, so please show up if you can.

Below is the last of what has been known as JK's Corner. This Bob Dylan boot is entitled 7 Years of Bad Luck and more info about the album can be found at the outstanding BD boot reference site, Bob's Boots.

The 5th Collective Podcast is also up, giving you something else to listen to in my abscence and make sure to visit all the blogs in my links. (Scroll down...all the way down, if you are still using IE) They all have something worth while to say and great music a plenty. See you soon.


Bob Dylan : 7 Years of Bad Luck

(All info below provided through Bob's Boots)

"The Freewheelin' sessions are a perfect 10, coming right off of the mixing console. The quality is good enough to release as official tracks, but the performances are flawed by a botched word, timing, or something similar that left them behind in the vaults. The quality slips to a 7 for (1) and (2), but the powerful and controversial You've Been Hiding is mesmerizing none the less. The quality of the Hotel tape slips even farther to a 5, a 4, and finally to a 3 on Just Like A Woman; and is included only because of its rarity. The 1969 studio outtakes zoom right back to a 9, giving this disc a wide range of sound qualities." ~ BB

Freewheelin' sessions:
.: Hero Blues
.: Whatcha Gonna Do
.: Oxford Town
.: I Shall Be Free
.: I Shall Be Free [2]
.: I Shall Be Free [3]
.: I Shall Be Free [4]
.: Hero Blues [2]
.: You've Been Hiding Too Long
.: You Don't Have To Do That

Hotel Tape:

.: Positively Van Gogh
.: Positively Van Gogh [2]
.: Just Like A Woman

CBS Studio 1969:
.: Gates Of Eden
.: I Threw It All Away
.: I Don't Believe You
.: Telephone Wire
.: Honey Just Allow Me One More Chance