Gentleman Caller

I got an email while I was out of the country in regards to Kenny Childers' band, Gentleman Caller. After seeing the video for Bomb the Castle, which is available below, along with a tune from their recent endeavour, Until We Are Missing, I was really excited, so much that you will be seeing this video very soon on The Collective.

A nice sound that recalls hints of Stephen Malkmus' early projects, with an emphasis on vocals and not on over-played or overpowering instrumentation. The instruments are well played, but are in true accompanying fashion, providing a wonderful backdrop to accentuate Childer's vocal stylings and lyrics.

Below is a short blurb from the email I received.

"You know that tendency to scribble mental notes about people at the corner or a couple in the back booth, 2 am diner? Songwriter Kenny Childers does just that. As Gentleman Caller he manifests morsels of human nature, those spider-web corners, into songs exploring the obsessive qualities of gutted and love-bitten emotions. With an evolving cast of musicians, Childers builds stunning story-line tension of whodunit and whodid with arrangements echoing the chamber qualities of Galaxie 500, Big Star’s complex build, and the aching truth of contemporaries Okkervil River or Rilo Kiley."

.: Time to Get Carried Away
.: video

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