Have you heard Witch yet? My introduction lies with Feathers, seeing that 2 of their members helm this project. J. Mascis from Dinosaur Jr., that's right I said Dinosaur Jr., and Kyle Thomas and Asa Irons from Feathers form three-fourths of Witch.

Rhino.com had this to say, "New England's Witch may be the platonic ideal of a metal band. Long hair, vaguely mystical lyrics, muted buzz-saw hum guitars, dueling solos, a graying drummer—they've pretty much got it nailed. Their self-titled debut deals in the kind of earsplitting banshee wails and wah-wahed feedback whorls that came to define the genre."

Oh man! It's good and it's a damn shame I've had to wait 3 months to get on board. Sample the first cut on the album and be prepared to follow the line into hell.

.: Seer

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