Stuart A. Staples: Leaving Songs

Tindersticks front man, Stuart A. Staples released Leaving Songs, his second solo lp, on June 6th (States side anyways).

Leaving Songs is a "collection of songs written over the last year and recorded at Mark Nevers' studio in Nashville, with Dave Boulter, Neil Fraser and drummer Thomas Belhom. Further sessions at Lucky Dog studio featured Tindersticks' stalwart Terry Edwards and longtime collaborator, Gina Foster." Beggars Banquet

Take the choice elements of Leonard Cohen, Tom Waits, and Nick Cave and there stands Stuart A. Staples somewhere in the mix. His voice, heartfelt and weathered, I'm only imagining eroded valleys lining his throat with streams of whiskey and gin filling the voids. Images of Staples hunkered down in the back of a smoked filled bar declaring his soul for the creatures of the night. A glimmer of restoration for the listener, a chance of cleansing for our troubadour.

Check out That Leaving Feeling, from Leaving Songs below.

.: That Leaving Feeling
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