Sleep Said The Monster

Braden Rapp is Sleep Said The Monster and after I had a chance to hear his demo tapes, I knew he had to be mentioned on the P&S. Braden has recording under the Sleep Said The Monster moniker for roughly three years now. He records his raw emotional work using a red digital 8-track in the corner of his apartment bedroom, and after you experience his music, you could not imagine him doing it anywhere else. Armed with an instrument arsenal consisting of keyboards, a synthetic piano, numerous guitars, a melodica, some pedals, and for percussion, suitcases/a tambourine/and metal poles, Sleep Said The Monster provides the listener with a very intimate experience laying out his soul for all to here.

Currently living in Omaha, NE and attending the University of Nebraska Omaha for writing, Sleep Said the Monster is currently looking for label representation. He recorded a Demo Album this past year called THE WEIRD MASSAGE YOU NEVER ASKED FOR. It is fourteen tracks, of personal declarations and intimate thoughts, and I do hope it gets a proper release. The track from the demos below has been on every mixtape I've made since I got it. You can check him out online at or email him at

.: Goin' Ghostal

Goin Ghostal

Theres a girl written on paper in gorgeous fountain blue
Shes a trite amalgamation of deceptively conforming to
The words of shoulder-sitting, apparitional advice
She tells me that a conscience is not a reason to stay alive

She belittles integration as a way of getting by,
While her ghoulish little voice is so punitively nigh

"I love it how you think youve got it now but

Theres an easier way out
That you are never supposed to have found,
Let alone use
Theres no comparison at all
To the morose exit from which youll fall dah dah do"

There was a time that I would have taken such a marketable death
But now that antiquated notion seems bereft of what it kept
Her ghoulish little voice remains ubiquitously live;
She spews out spores of nether-tones that perfectly remind

She offers her best intentions, whats better than that?

Theres an easier way out.

What do you say you just put me away forever and I remain there?

Bonus Track from demo:

.: Take It (Take It!)


.: Size, the Horrible
.: Finding ReaMode
.: Step Counts
.: Jelly Up The Sidewalk Ch. 2

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