The Donkeys

At first listen one may overlook the debut S/T album by The Donkeys, and that would be your first mistake. With an LP that seems to span multiple "genres" I could see the confusion, but The Donkeys is a must listen. To be honest, I personally am not a fan of music that hops around from track to track, but in this case it seems to work, bringing a refreshing sound from the first track to the last.

With Come on Virginia, we have a more country-rock, Stones via Parsons infactuation feel to it and In the Morning has an indie, but pop mind you, sound, sprinkled ever so slightly with a touch of Brian Wilson. Both tracks listed below would be great singles on any album, but they are both here on one disc along with a handfull of other stand out tunes.

.: Come On Virginia
.: In The Morning

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