VU Series: SONGS:OHIA/Jason Molina - Magnolia Electric Co. Demos

Well this is not really a vinyl upload, but if it was not for the vinyl version of this album, then I would have never had the chance to get this amazing cd, available only with the 1st pressing of this LP. Long out of print, but this needs to be heard. So forgive me that it's not a "true" VU Series, but trust me this is worth it.

One of the most inticipated albums of 2003 for me was Songs:Ohia 's Magnolia Electric Co.To this day this is one of my favorite albums. When I purchased the vinyl years ago I was unaware of the truely priceless treat that I would find in the sleeve. A CD of demos that Jason Molina created during the complilation of this effort that was only available with the 1st pressing of vinyl on Secretly Canadian. While the album is electric and full bodied, these tracks are stripped down, somewhat acoustic, just Molina's raw and soulful voice with his guitar. An equal contender to the official release and in some ways the victor when compared. Make your own conclusions, but this is one of the best posts I have ever posted here and a true gem.

.: The Long Dark Blues
.: Just Be Simple
.: The Old Black Hen
.: I Made The Change
.: Peoria Lunchbox Blues
.: Whip-Poor-Will
.: The Big Game Is Every Night
.: Hold On Magnolia
.: You Can't Say Everything

*Note: Jason Molina's new solo LP, Let Me Go, Let Me Go, Let Me Go should be out this July, so make sure you keep your eyes open for that.

*It has been brought to my attention that this is officially refered to as a Jason Molina solo work and not a "Songs:Ohia" work. Understandable, since it is just Molina. I can't change the way the songs are tagged, but how about a new cover I just threw together.

No matter what it's called, all that matters is the tracks and they are amazing. Enjoy.

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