The Theater Fire

I don't know much about The Theater Fire, but I saw a post about them on GvB and you know how I love artwork, I just had to give them a listen. I am glad I did.

The collective of Dan Feagin, Curtis, Heath, Mark Castaneda, Nick Prendergast, Sean French, Jesse Brakefield, and James Talambas, combine horns, guitars, banjos, drums, mandolins, and even xylophones, to bring the listener a perfect blend of traditional folk acoustics blended with sentiments of modern lyricism.

Some of the music gives me a Beatles (guitar work)/Belle & Sebastian (vocals) feel (These Tears Could Rust a Train) on one hand and traditional/experimental folk (Ne'er To Late & Dark Side respectively) on the other, but honestly with the combinations of influences, The Theater Fire make up a wonderful sound all their own. They have been described numerous ways including, “post-country”, “post-mariachi,” “ambient honky-tonk” and “folk orchestra", but none of those rather inviting descriptions pinpoints what is at the core of what I've heard of The Theater Fire's music thus far.

Definitely worth the listen. Below are three tracks from their latest release, Everybody Has A Dark Side, due out May 9th on Undeniable Records.

.: Ne'er To Late
.: These Tears Could Rust a Train
.: Dark Side

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