Feathers : Feathers LP

Keyboardist and guitarist Jordan explains in Dusted Magazine, "I think that all of us in Feathers regard music as some sort of spiritual endeavor, and I imagine that would come across in the songs."

I couldn't have described their music any better. When I heard Feathers and this latest release (cd version of the album, I never got a change to get the self released LP) I equated it to a spiritual experience and could tell that this was a lifestyle, and not just a group of people in a studio churning out tracks.

With all eight members sharing instrument duties, with five primary writers in the group, and four singers, each have there own unique qualities they bring to the Feathers family. The collective consists of, (first names only in this group) Kyle, Kurt, Asa, Meara, Ruthie, Jordan, Shayna, and Greg. All conjuring up a magical, lost in the forest feel and then in the distance, you hear the beautiful sounds of the Feathers guiding you to the center of the earth. It is quite an experience and with the Espers post about Espers II and this release, I feel like I'm in sensory overload. Enjoying every second of it!

"These feathers have the same length but not the same color. Some accelerate the floraison, of others maintain the fire. After to have flown them their attributes, they use their breaths to become these birds to the inflated cheeks. Red throat or well grive, in a tree where the eyes open with the passing of the album." -myspace

That's poetry to the ear and that's at the core of the collective known as Feathers. Below is a track off their debut, Feathers, which is out on Gnomonsong (Devendra Banhart and Andy Cabic's label) You can hear a few more tracks on their myspace (linked below), but I just say heard over to emusic and download this today, you won't be sorry.

Highly Recommended!!!

.: Silverleaves In The Air Of Starseedlings


Live performance 2/14/06 @ The Pipeline MIT

.: Wind in a Barrel
.: Untitled (Meara New)
.: Tulip Tree
.: Untitled (Ruthie New)
.: January Thaw
.: Smokin’ Time
.: Eldritch

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