A bout with the flu, a jury duty stint, and your faithful writer returns. Mass apologies to the artists who have been kind enough to send me their work and have received nothing to this point and to loyal readers and their disappointment in the lack of posts. The write up that follows briefly touches on some of these artists that I think you need to own or at least need to give a listen to, and thank you.

Division Day - Beartrap Island

If you read my review of Division Day's The Mean Way In EP, then you have an idea of this bands work and their sound. Their first full length, Beartrap Island, only magnifies the successful elements from the EP, and expounds upon them. A truly excellent effort and a highly recommended cd. What's that, you're planning a road trip? Then Beartrap Island is the perfect disc for your journey.

.: Colorguard
.: Tap-Tap, Click-Click

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The Studiofix

I came across The Studiofix on Myspace and liked their raw emotion and their unpolished home recording sound. Hailing from Orange County CA you may think you have an idea what The Studiofix ( Nicole De Leon, Jenna Eyrich, and Jacqueline Pablo) sound like (Sublime tendencies with No Doubt vocals), but drop that stereotype (although not entirely inaccurate) for a second and give these girls a listen. Nicole was kind enough to send me a copy of their recent release and I was even more pleased with their sound. Pablo stands out on the album and holds this group together with her raw and slashing guitar work and if you are from Cali, I recommend you check these girls out live,. I have a felling it's a good show. Open up the garage.

.: I Pity the Fool
.: Panicking
.: Robots

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Venice Is Sinking

I was looking for videos for The Collective and asked Lucas (Team Clearmont) if he had any resources to acquire some videos for the show. Well one band he sent my way was his own, Venice Is Sinking. Along with the video for Pulaski Heights, I was sent their split ep and it's a real treat. They have three tracks on the split and each one deserves to be in you music collection. Hailing from Athens (birth place of REM, and there is most certainly an admiration here) Venice Is Sinking is Daniel Lawson, Karolyn Troupe, Lucas Jensen, Steve Miller, and James Sewell. Definitely worth a listen.

.: Pulaski Heights

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