Bloedrood - Roetbloed

Below are excerpts from Wim Maesschalck about his side-project Bloedrood and his release Roetbloed, available for download at Sundays in Spring.

"First there was 'wixel' as my main project, it's mostly instrumental electronica post-rock. I started to notice that i like vocals a lot, and that i wanted to sing & write things myself. Nothing exceptionial, just adding words i care about. So i tried to sing to wixel tracks, but that didn't work. My stuttering & shivering voice didn't fit the music at all. There were too many mistakes in my singing."

"I decided i should try a different direction: no more software, no more plugins, no more multiple take recording, no more changing & changing & changing & changing again. The tenet became "just play and record and make songs".

"I also think terms like "honesty", "personality", "open-heartedness", "integrity", etc are important. Bloedrood should be me, at least to me. I try not to pretend to be things that i'm not (unless i deliberatly want to pretend something). Most of the lyrics are quite simplistic in their meaning. I guess i don't feel much different to the rest of the world when i see a sunset, or when i feel alone, or when the typical girl breaks your heart. But, in a way they are me, and that's what matters to me for now. It also explains "Bloedrood": bloedrood (blood red) is a very pure color, bloed is something fundamental to a living (human) body. So "Bloedrood" represents nothing else than me. "

I posted these quotes because to me it means alot to hear the artist talk about his work and inspiration. The music that is presented on this 7 track LP is nothing short of awe-inspiring. There is no question that Maesschalck pours all that he is into these songs that radiate honesty and sincerity. Download three of the seven tracks below and then head over to SIS for the remaining 4 tracks. You'll be glad you did.

.: alike
.: eyes, mouth
.: cereals

Below are three tracks from Maesschalck's latest Wixel release, Heart.

The LP is described as, "8 tracks of melancholic acoustic guitars and warm electronics - a very personal and introspective record that might remind you of bands like the notwist, the remote viewer, xela, album leaf..."

.: a december goodbye
.: distraction
.: your home is my last resort

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