Shelby Sifers

Out of Santa Fe, NM, Shelby Sifers records folk-pop songs on a four track recorder in her bed-room with her guitar, keyboards, banjo, and melodica. Imagine, if you can, a younger sounding Joanna Newsom accompanied by friends, family, classmates, and lovers. Her songs hold a child-like brillance to them, and that's meant in the highest regards. Sifers makes the listener feel as if she is there in the room singing and sharing with you, not at you.

The connection here is something not many artists have, and with her soft instrumentation and beautiful vocals, she lets you know that she has it. I've had you, geranium, you potato on for the past couple of days (also included on the upcoming Collective Podcast) and I just can't get enough of Shelby Sifers.

Below are three tracks for you to sample, but make sure to visit her myspace and if you like what you hear, she has released a full length on the excellent DIY label Oh! Map Records entitled Yeah and I'm In Love Too.

Her page on that site has this to say about Shelby,

"shelby sifers is an up-and-coming songwriter from the middle of nowhere california, now living in santa fe, who’s heart-warming lyrics and “cute-core” sensibilities are quickly taking hold of all that is trendy in the “play in your backyard” scene. her bedroom four-tracked first record is as perfect as it gets. intimate, compelling, tearful, and sweet—“…the softest abrasive music you will ever heard.” these are love songs the way that they are meant to be written. from the first track, which opens with her younger brother reading a list of things that he thinks are beautiful, you know that this is special. it’s the sincerity that gets you—she’s for real, and amongst a sea of derivative femme-folk, she is robust and beautiful. the album also features appearances from fellow oh! map artists mat vuksinich (the sarcastic dharma society), jordaan mason, and josh fu (the lonesome architects)." Oh! Map Records

.: you geranium, you potato
.: so hard
.: things are beautiful

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