New Sufjan and Paleo's dailies

Two recent posts on other blogs that are must haves.

1) Stereogum has one of the new tracks from the new Sufjan Stevens album of outtakes due out this July. (Sufjan approved, so get it's outstanding)

2) Yer Bird has introduced me to Paleo and his amazing new project of recording and posting a song a day for an entire year. His music is frightingly good. Check out Paleo's Myspace and his daily download project. Oh, and if you have not made Yer Bird a must stop, what are you thinking, not only a great indie label, but the blog has only A+ artists, man he siphons out the best.

Anyway, my bandwidth problem was resolved last night, so all downloading can begin once again. Sorry if this caused any delays in getting some tracks. Especially that NMH concert.

Today may be swamped so this might be all you get today, but grabbing a new Sufjan track and eight of Paleo's daily tracks is still a great day at the P&S. Now go follow those links...