I posted about the Limbs earlier in the year, or I guess it was more like a blurb, but they were kind enough to send me their latest self-released EP, Suspension. I was extremely impressed with their s/t EP and I was expecting nothing less with this latest release. I was not disappointed.

Suspension EP is a five track masterpiece. They have improved upon the lessons learned from their prior release and even lessons learned from the past. I can't help but be reminded of bands from the Chicago and emo scene of the nineties, although the Limbs should not be thrown into either. But I hear Broken Hearts Are Blue, I hear The Van Pelt, I hear in some cases Braid, and it's not necessarily the vocals of Jeff Stultz but more in the instrumentation, although the chorus on Facile, possibly my favorite track on the EP, is right out of the record store shows of the mid-nineties.

Then there are the Polvo references that can not be denied. Stultz guitar work at moments mirrors the intense sharp strikes that was evident in, not only Polvo's music, but in alot of North Carolina bands of the era. A lot of reviews have used the word angular, and I told myself I won't use it, but in a sense, that word perfectly describes the melody that Stultz lays down for all to hear.

If that wasn't your scene then don't give up on these guys yet, because I'm just going off my first response, trying to find a focal point which to explore. They have taken the past and improved upon it. I really like it when bands do this and I was rather pleased to see the influences. I mentioned the reference to instrumentation above, but seriously, these guys know how to play. Chris Pressler on drums is amazing and the steady beat of Oisin O’Brien's bass establishes the mind blowing frame work on which Stultz can build on. One thing that is apparent is O'Brien's concrete rhythm keeps the Limbs somewhat contained, balanced, and right on track. He is like a loose netting that holds in Stultz's guitar work, and surprisingly Pressler's high speed and artistic drumming, although each pokes their head out from time to time. It is an amazing ride that I suggest you all must take.

I have heard their shows are awesome and I can only imagine. Limbs are growing in popularity, although not yet to what they deserve, but I suggest you get on board before that train leaves. With the two EP's under their belt I can't wait to hear an LP, which I hope is soon on the way. Be their friend on Myspace and download a few tracks and you can purchase the two eps from there as well. I thinks it's $10 for both, man you know you've got that and trust me it will be worth every penny of it.

Below are two tracks from the Suspension EP.

.: Facile
.: Silver Fetters

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