Lewis and Clarke: Live WPBR

I don't think I ever posted about Lewis and Clarke's excellent 2005 lp, Bare Bones and Branches. That truely is a shame, because it is one of the better albums from last year. I'm late, but not left behind.

Anyway, I was on their myspace site the other day and to my pleasent surprise (maybe it was there earlier and I just missed it) but to my surprise a link to a live version of Bloody Coat was on the site. After clicking said link, it lead me to four live tracks (all on their Audio/Visual page) for their 2/9/06 performance on WPBR.

Below are direct links to these tracks and all are must listens. Make sure to visit Lewis and Clarke's website where, if your so inclined, you can purchase the above mentioned lp.

WPBR set:
.: Bare Bones and Branches
.: Before it Breaks You
.: Bloody Coat
.: Blasts of Holy Birth

.: Bare Bones and Branches (LP version)

[website] [purchase] [myspace]

rBally has REM live from 1984 and this is a MUST listen. Carnival of Sorts is amazing!