JK's Corner: The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan Outtakes

The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan Outtakes
, is the latest installment of JK's Corner. These tracks are outtakes from the legendary Freewheelin' sessions. The songs are straight from the mix down board in New York's Columbia Recording Studios and were recorded during the months of April - November of 1962. Enjoy.


.: Baby Please Don't Go (studio-outtake)
.: Corrina Corrina (alternate solo version)
.: The Death Of Emmett Till (studio outtake)
.: Mixed Up Confusion (single version)
.: Lonesome Whistle (H.Williams/J.Davies) (studio outtake)
.: Talkin' John Birch Paranoid Blues (from withdrawn promotional LP)
.: Milk Cow's Calf's Blues I (take 3) (Robert Johnson) (studio outtake)
.: That's Alright Mama (take 1) (A. Crudup) (studio outtake)
.: Rocks And Gravel (Adapted*) (alternate solo version)
.: Going To New Orleans (Trad) (studio outtake)
.: Let Me Die In My Footsteps (unedited with extra verse)
.: The Ballad Of Hollis Brown (studio outtake)
.: Wichita Blues (Going to Louisiana) (take 2)(Trad) (studio outtake)
.: Sally Gal (take 4) (Adapted**) (studio outtake)
.: Whatcha Gonna Do (studio outtake)

Bonus Alternate takes:

.: Mixed Up Confusion (alternate version A)
.: Rocks And Gravel (Adapted*) (from withdrawn promotional lp)
.: That's Alright Mama (take 2) (A. Crudup) (studio outtake)
.: Mixed Up Confusion (alternate version b)
.: Corrina Corrina (single version)
.: Milk Cow's Calf's Blues II (take 4) (Robert Johnson) (studio outtake)
.: Wichita Blues (Going to Louisiana) II (Trad) (studio outtake)
.: Whatcha Gonna Do (studio outtake)
.: Baby I'm In The Mood For You (alternate version)
.: Sally Gal (Adapted**) (studio outtake)

*Adapted from Solid Road by Brownie McGee and Alabama Woman by Leroy Carr
**Adapted from Sally Don't You Grieve by Woodie Guthrie
(songwriters and * information provided by Bobs Boots)

I also suggest purchasing The Official Bob Dylan Bootleg cds. They are amazing.

Almost Went To See Elvis will be removed shortly, so if you have not yet heard those tracks, they will be up for a bit longer. Click Here to view that post.

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Just keeping you up to date. Hope everyone had a great weekend and thanks again JK.