SIS says "Tyler Whitney is one of these very few songwriters that have the capacity to change durably the way you interact with music..." and "If you like Carissa’s Weird, early Bright Eyes or Pedro The Lion records, prepare yourself to be blown away again."

Those are strong statements from what I consider a damn good indie netlabel. Chauchat is the incarnation of Tyler Whitney and this S/T album was recorded and performed between 2001 and 2004 by: Tong Ly, Tyler Whitney, Mike Musser, Chris Clunk, Erik Sahd, Pascal Troemel, Janet Lee, Emily Devitry, Jared McCoy, and Jon Langseth.

Below are a few tracks from this album, but the whole album can be downloaded here. Very accessable music and there is no question in Whitney's song writing abilities. A great listen.

.: eyelash
.: slayer bitch
.: propanolol
.: addict's song

[download] [Sundays in Spring]