Carrie Biell

I was surfing some today and I ran across a new favorite. Carrie Biell harnesses all that is right with music today. A reflection to the past with a grasp on the future. Her songs have been playing all day and I can't get her beautiful raspy twank out of my head. Some of her influences are stated to be: Bonnie Prince Billy, Neil Young, Loretta Lynn, Cat Power, Carissa's Wierd, and PJ Harvey. All of these are present in the three tracks you can sample below.

Biell's band consists of Carrie Biell (Guitar, Vocals, some cello), Joe Wuollet(upright bass), and Steve Norman (dobro and electric guitar). I mention the whole band here because, while her vocals are touching and quite simply the most sincere I've heard in a while, but the music that accompanies her is well played and does nothing but add to this wonderful sound.

Well, I'm off for Makers and Biell tonight. Check out the info below and check out her cds through cd baby.

Her Myspace info reads,

Carrie was introduced to the Seattle music scene in 2001 with her first self-released record "Symphony of Sirens". The record gave listeners insight on Carrie's up-bringing with Deaf Parents, and stories of life and relationships. Carrie continues to turn listeners onto her music by writing graceful hooks and extremely honest lyrics.

Carrie Biell's third offering at the age 23, "Autumn on You", brings to the table a band-stripped, guitar and vocal driven sound that is wistful and fresh while maintaining her heartfelt lyrics and soothing sound. Her sultry vocals and intimate sense of mood have put her on stages at some of Seattle's top venues such as, Neumos, Chop Suey, the Crocodile Cafe and the Tractor Tavern, as well as The Subterranean in Chicago and a multitude of venues across the country with artists such as Kristin Hersh, Jenny Toomey, Elleni Mandell, Sera Cahoone, and The Turn Ons- to name a few.

In line with her previous releases, "Symphony of Sirens" (2001) and "Dusty Rooms" (2002), "Autumn on you" demonstrates Carrie Biell's mature development and growth as a musical artist. This record has served as a launch pad into a new direction for Carrie. Adding new band member Steve Norman a Louisiana native, might have something to do with the alt. country Americana sound of her newer songs that have yet to be released. Steve plays a variety of instruments such as dobro, electric guitar, banjo, mandolin, and pedal Steel.

Recently Carrie also added upright bass player Joe Wuollet to accompany them with recording and live performances. The percussion and tone of the bass has given the songs a new depth that has helped tie the trio together.

Carrie and her band members will be in the studio at the end of April, and they will be in and out over the summer recording. Expect to hear other instrumentation such as light drums and strings in the mix. She hopes to have the next full-length released by late August or Early September.

Her latest blog entry states she is working on new songs and you can purchase Autumn On You here. Check out three tracks of hers below.

.: Don't You Blame Me
.: Autumn On You
.: Cross the Line

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