Track A Tiger

One of the joys in my mailbox on my return was a press release from Future Appletree Records about the band Track A Tiger. With their release, Woke up early the day I died, we get a collection of songs leadsinger, Jim Vallet has been working on since 2003. After continuious re-working and even a studio session at Paul Oldham's Rove Studio, the group has finally released the fruits of their efforts. The group, on stage anyways, consists of Jim Vallet, Alisa Jo Monnier, Mike Ciuni, Aaron Wilkins, and Patrick Melvin.

Now I dig their sound, slow, sleepy folkish mixed with rock hooks and on occasion, experimental pops and whistles, but my favorite part of this group, or at least their sound, has to come from the intertwining vocals of Vallet and Monnier. The harmonies between these two are outstanding and on Sound As Ever, even envoke hints of Parsons and Harris.

Now, alot of people have been posting about these guys, and rightfully so. They're that good. Check out the few tracks they sent below. Enjoy.

.: Sound As Ever
.: Glad To Be Scattered
Seashaken Heart

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