TD Reisert: Alahee

Have you ever wondered what Jason Molina would sound like if he slowed everything down. Wait no longer. With his third release on 80H ( the first was a single, the second being an ep, both can be downloaded here and here respectively) TD Reisert brings us his first full length LP in Alahee, a culmination of new material and re-recorded, original songs.

The music of Alahee, pulls on your soul reminding you that there are people in this lonely world other than yourself. That beyond your day to day life, if you just sit back, sometimes you'll be able to hear the beauty in the caos.

I think his press release says it best, describing his music as "complexity in minimal structures". The instrumentaion on the album is haunting and the vocals are broken in all the right places, letting you know that what you are hearing is straight from the heart.

I strongly recommend checking out TD Reisert. You can currently download all the tracks from his previous single and ep from 80H, and come March 21st, his LP, Alahee. You can also purchase handmade copies with exclusive photographs if you are into having something to hold. Check out three tracks from the upcoming Alahee release.

.: Threshing
.: Call This Honest
.: Temperance Union

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