JK's Corner: Bob Dylan "Almost Went To See Elvis"

Doing this blog, I've made a lot of friends. Friends from all over the world and it's one of the greatest accomplishments of the P&S. Spreading music to others from around the globe. Well one of the readers who has been hanging around and I've gotten to know a bit more is JK.

Now JK knows his music and loves alot of the same artists that I do. We started talking and the infamous Bob Dylan became the topic of conversation. He was telling me that he had some material that he wanted to share. One thing led to another and here it is. So thanks JK for the great tunes and we hope you enjoy.

The first installment of this new series is Bob Dylan, Almost Went to See Elvis.

"The first 12 songs, from Nashville, are wrongly
identified on the cover as being from NY 1970. The
sound quality is very good. The 1969 material includes
Carl Perkins, Johnny Cash, and Billy Wotten (guitars),
Marshall Grant (bass), and W.S. Holland (drums).
Produced by Bob Johnson, this session was three days
after the 'Nashville Skyline' LP was recorded in the
same studio, with different musicians. The 1970
material is available through the CBS Studios
Reference Recording archives. It was produced by Bob
Johnson as well. This session also produced the "If
Not For You" version that was released on the official
CBS LP 'The Bootleg Series 1-3" The musicians include
George Harrison (guitar), Charlie Daniels (bass &
backing vocals), Billy Mundi (drums), & *Bob Johnson
(piano)" - Bob's Boots

Below are all 19 tracks from this amazing Bootleg. The sound is top notch and you're about to be blown away. Enjoy.

Nashville, 1969:
.: Ghost Riders In The Sky
.: All I Have To Do Is Dream
.: Gates Of Eden
.: I Threw It All Away
.: I Don't Believe You
.: Matchbox
.: Your True Love
.: Las Vegas Blues
.: Fishing Blues /Honey Just Allow Me One More Chance
.: Rainy Day Women

New York, 1970:

.: Song To Woody
.: Mama You Been On My Mind
.: Don't Think Twice [instrumental]
.: Yesterday
.: Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues
.: Da Doo Ron Ron
.: One Too Many Mornings
.: One Too Many Mornings.

*Removed 5/16/06