Ghost Sessions

Ever wonder what Brian Wilson and the harmonies of the Beach Boys would have sounded like if they wrote minimal folk. Ghost Sessions comes close with their haunting vocals/harmonies and simplistic accompaniment of loose stringed guitars, vox effects, and looped samples.

Ghost Sessions is a project by Richard Wilson from Racingpaperplanes, a band I covered a few months ago. In regards to the project Richard told me how Ghost Sessions came about,

"...Basically came from having a bunch of songs i didn't think fit with racingpaperplanes. And I also had an idea of letting other people contribute their touch to the songs so I will send songs back and forth through the internet, with a few artists I admire. The two first contributors will be Boo Hiss and Grumpy Bear."

His Myspace has this to say about the music, "Songs recorded at night, when the moon and the owls are your friends. A glass of wine, burning candles and incense, a song, a drone, a whisper. A transparent figure on the wall. This is a "band in the making" and will change, morph and progress as we go along. Richard Wilson is the main force behind this recording project but will collaborate with other people from time to time. To not have a manifesto shall be our manifesto."

Limited releases are expected through the spring and summer with the first release, WHAT TO SAY ON THE WAY DOWN, out now on a 3" CDEP limited to 25 copies. Future releases will focus on tracks started by Richard and then passed out to friends to finish up. Tract mates: Boo Hiss, Grumpy Bear and THEATH are among the guest musicians who plan to appear on these releases.

Check out the track, Marigold To Your Soul, from this limited release below. Thanks Richard!

.: Marigold To Your Soul

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