Candy Bars

Stunned, then the question, "Do you suffer from pain dreams?", followed by a Beach Boy I Know the Answer/Pet Sounds piano and bells...and I was hooked. The song, Violets, the band, Candy Bars. This sound is something that I've been waiting for and I should have taken New Granada's word for it when they said they were "over the moon" for these guys.

Candy Bars are Daniel Martinez (Vocals, Guitar, Keys), Ryan Hastings (Drums), and Melissa Castellano (Cello), and they hail from Tampa Florida. The above rant was a stream of mind as I heard that song for the first time. I've now listened to 5 tracks from their debut album, On Cutting Ti-Gers in Half and Understanding Narravation and I'm not disappointed.

It's dream music for the sophisticated listener and the vocals of Martinez are mesmerizing, sinister some times, in a svengali sort of way, luring the listener to follow him down the hole and into aural inebriation. Unfortunetly, the term pop has been thrown around and combined with their name, I can see why someone might shy away, but trust me, this is a must listen and once you hear the first track, you'll need to hear the rest. It's been on here all day.

Visit their myspace to gather more Candy Bars and here to purchase this gem of a debut.

.: Violets
.: Enough To Choke A Cold Air
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