Band of Horses

Band of Horses is my new favorite band. There I said it. Who hasn't already jumped on this train. I feel like I just got to the station and there is standing room only. None the less, I thought I'd mention them here. Please check all the links on my blogroll because I'm almost positive that everyone on there have mentioned these guys.

On March 21st, they release Everything All the Time, on the Sub Pop label and Funeral for their first single. It has been on constant rotation here and if for some reason you have not heard this track or the whole album, I strongly recommend you checking it out. Below are a few demos that have been out for awhile, but I thought nessecary to post here as well. You can also download a whole Band of Horses live show at San Diego Serenade.

.: The Funeral

.: Wicked Gil
.: Funeral
.: I lost my dingle on the red line...
.: Bass Song

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