VU: Starsailor

Tim Buckley's Starsailor is one of my favorite albums and by far one of his best. This is an album that must be experienced. After emerging as a melodic folk-rocker in the 60's, Buckley gradually evolved into experimental avant-garde territory. 1970's Starsailor is the culmination of his experimentation. At the time he alienated his audience with this record, but now one can realize the genius that is Starsailor.

If you are unfamiliar with Tim Buckley and are unsure on which to download (although, trust me, get this whole album while you can) start out with Song to the Siren and I Woke Up, which seem to be more accessible.

The amazing musicians on this album were:
Tim Buckley- 12 string guitar, vocals
John Balkin- string bass/electric bass
Lee Underwood- electric guitar, electric piano, and pipe organ
Buzz Gardner- trumpet, flugelhorn
Maury Baker- tympani, traps
Bunk Gardner- alto flute, tenor sax

AMG has this to say, "Buckley applies vocal gymnastics to a set of material that's as avant-garde in its songwriting as its execution.
At his most anguished (which is often on this album), he sounds as if his liver is being torn out -- slowly. Almost as if to prove he can still deliver a mellow buzz, he throws in a couple of pleasant jazz-pop cuts, including the odd, jaunty French tune "Moulin Rouge." Surrealistic lyrics, heavy on landscape imagery like rivers, skies, suns, and jungle fires, top off a record that isn't for everybody, or even for every Buckley fan, but endures as one of the most uncompromising statements ever made by a singer/songwriter."

Need I say more. Enjoy all that is Starsailor.

.: Come Here Woman
.: I Woke Up
.: Monterey.: Moulin Rouge
.: Song to the Siren
.: Jungle Fire
.: Star Sailor
.: Healing Festival
.: Down by the Borderline

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