Jarid del Deo is the man behind unbunny. With help from his friends he puts together amazing records. His most recent effort has been the Typist EP, appearing on Important Records. This has now sold out and understandably so. It's good, real good. In 2004 he released the critically acclaimed Snow Tires (Hidden Agenda), which is equally stunning. A confessional that leaves you breathless.

Better Propaganda described the album as, "This is one of those records we lifelong music fans dream about as it combines the fragility of Elliott Smith, the humanity of Neutral Milk Hotel, the melodic sensibility of Matthew Sweet, and the careworn metaphors of The Mendoza Line."

Now that's an endorsement!
I highly recommend checking out unbunny!

.: X (from Typist EP)
.: I Leave Stones Unturned (from Snow Tires)
.: Pink Lemonade (from Snow Tires)
.: In a Way (from Black Strawberries)

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