Thunderegg : Open Book

Thuderegg (aka Will Georgantas) gave me an email on recommendation from his friends The Twin Atlas and I'm so glad he did. Alot of blogs have posted about Thunderegg's most recent lp, A Very Fine Sample of What's Avaiable at the Mine (2005). but this post is devoted to the massive collection/restoration project that is Open Book.

Open Book
is a collection of Thunderegg material from 1995-2004, that's eight albums, 213 newly mastered songs, 523 minutes to be exact, and a collection of bonus tracks, album notes, and the icing on the cake is a 108-page lyric book, chaulked full of drawings, notes, lyrics, and forms from Will, himself. The packaging is awesome and the run is limited to 1000 copies. If your interested in purchasing Open Book, the cost is $25, which includes s&h, and it can be bought here.

I've sat down and listened to almost the entire collection and I implore you, this is a must own. I was unfamilar with Thunderegg (minus the recent posts on their last lp) and I was literally blown away. The 1995 album, The Universal Nut, starts everything off with lo-fi bedroom acoustics, and emotional songs with subtle humor that makes them even more intimate. The next seven albums follows this same formula loosely and as time continues, so does Thunderegg's growth and exploration into song-writing and instrumentation. What makes the songs on these albums work is Georgantas, and his continued intimate connection with his audience. We get to hear him grow as an artist, a lyricist, and as a musician.

There are a few favorite tracks that I was immediatly drawn to upon first listen. I'll list them here with their respective albums and provide links for you to sample the work. If you like what you hear, I highly recommend you picking up Open Book, the collected works and NEWLY MASTERED versions of the Thuderegg back catalogue. Open Book is available through the Thunderegg website.

Universal Nut
.: Pillowcase
.: Birthday Envelope

New England Music

.: Penned In

Personnel Envelo-File
.: My Mad Hatter
.: Double Reverse

.: Like a Truck
.: Champion Said No

Powder to the People
.: Auction at the Graveyard

In Yanistin
.: Glockenspiel Song
.: It Took a Weeek and a Day (to Drink Those Twelve Sodas)

The Envelope Pushes Back

.: The Second Coffer
.: If I Went on a Diet

Sweetest One
.: Your Pretty Little Angels
.: Deliverance from Crack Rock

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