Stone Jack Jones

If Americana was founded in a back alley, Stone Jack Jones would be crowned it's prince. This is meant in the highest regards and a compliment to a man who I slowly find myself being more connected with than previously thought. I first heard of Jones through AD, and further through Team Clermont. Dark shards of lyrics surrounded by everything from ambient drones, to acoustic guitars to wind chimes to drum machines, and when combined with the female accompaniment on Smile, a new world, of tattered white gowns and whistling winds blowing through dimly lit halls, emerges as a triumph in Jones' favor.

His dad, a fourth generation miner, told his son, "Don't be the fifth", and upon those words, Jones began his life of music and wandering. Raised in a coal miner's company house, and being seduced with the dark woods surrounding the camp, it would not surprise me if Jones sees his life in shades of grey amidst a backdrop of charcoal shaded drawings. Charcoal trees, cottages, and towns, smudged out with his arm, as he drags his music across the landscape from one town to the next. Only to return and realize the beauty he created.

Stone Jack Jones had this to say about music, "music brings me here. music wakes me in the morning and carries me through the day and puts me to sleep at night. when i sleep music dreams me. music is a force of nature. it plays me like an instrument. it plays my blood, my bones and muscles, my flesh, my heart and breathing. music weaves me between worlds. it soothes the beast and scatters the seeds. it brings me to you..."

A chance meeting with Patty Griffin and a friendship with uber-producer Roger Moutenot got him making records and his latest release, Bluefolk, on Fictitious Records, is set to be released on February 21st. I highly recommend checking out the three tracks below, all of which will be featured on Bluefolk, and then make way to purchase this highly anticipated LP.

.: Bread
.: Smile
.: Rage

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