Songs of Green Pheasant

Songs of Green Pheasant is the solo project of Duncan Sumpner. The S/T LP was home-recorded in a kitchen on a 4-track cassette recorder over three months during the summer of 2002. The album was released last fall overseas and stateside in November.

This is truly a beautiful maserpiece that needs to be heard more than described. The songs float by, dreamlike almost, through your head and send you to the Shire of your mind. I purchased this album last year and have been engaging it ever since, imagining everytime that Sumpner is recording these songs by the flicker of candlelight. Maybe a women in the room on the floor looking up in admiration and love. The album is calming, constantly making me fade in and out of reality, but is always accompanied by a warmth and devotion of a true singer/songwriter, that is Sumpner.

"Alongside Duncan’s overlaid vocal harmonies, the instrumentation employed on these recordings includes both electric and 12-string acoustic guitars, bass, drum machine, recorder, and a plethora of percussion and other sound-sources – windchimes, tambourine, fx units."

"The initial version of the recordings we were sent had been run through digital compression in an attempt to remove the tape hiss of the 4-track recordings. The results of this process lead to the tracks sounding like they’d been bathed in a kind of foggy, distancing shroud, or trapped in amber, a quality we really loved. Yet when Duncan re-sent us the uncompressed masters, the newly revealed sound (minus the fog) revealed a wealth of new detail and brought previously buried lyrics shining to the surface, and it is that version which we settled on releasing." FatCat

This is an album that needs to be experienced. Below are two tracks from this release that will be available for a limited time.

.: I Am Daylights
.: Knulp
.: Nightfall

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