Peter and the Wolf

In graveyards and abandoned busses is where you might find Peter and the Wolf, a project involving Red Hunter and Dana Falconberry for the Austin based, Whiskey & Apples label. For all intent and purposes we'll use their monikers, Henry Rutherford Jones and Dana Jean Clementine combine to form lo-fi acoustic hymns mixed with mesmorizing harmonies that can awaken the dead. Their voices blend so well together, seemingly as one sometimes, that you can't help but be taken back by the beauty that is Peter and the Wolf.

I 've always been partial to demos and below are two for you to sample. Also we have two tracks from the limited edition handmade LP, drawn by Red Hunter himself, which is available for purchase. For a "bio" of the band check here.

.: The Apple Tree
.: The Fall

From demo tapes
.: People of the Night
.: Strange Eyes

From October's KVRX performance
.: The Way

[website] [purchase] [photos from recent kvrx performance]