La Guerre Des Tuques

As mentioned before, I've been slammed here and more reviews of some of the latest albums I've received will be up shortly, along with a new VU Series.

I posted earlier, Valentines Day in fact, about the band The Diskettes, well David Barclay of that band, members of Parka 3, and friends have created a new band called La Guerre Des Tuques and they have just released their first lp. This S/T effort is described by Asaurus as "Musically, La Guerre des Tuques is rather void. Attempts were made towards The Make Up, The Montage, and Friend's era Beach Boys, while successes were found mostly in the vein of a moody and sullen Ohio Express or a technically improficient and thematically limited Aja-era Steely Dan."

Beach Boy harmonies are ever present and if you liked David's voice before, then you'll love it here. Check out the first single below and two others from Barclay's site, and stay tuned for more. I'm pilling up here.

.: Welcome to Paridise
.: Willy
.: Carnival

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