The Jolly Rogers / Oh No! Oh My!

I just received my 2 disc copy of The Jolly Rogers demo and their pre-release LP under their new moniker, Oh No! Oh My!. Both discs for, believe it or not, $2. This is by far the best $2 I have ever spent. If you do not own this yet, stop what you are doing and go here.

These discs are chaulk full of pop filled treats and mind blowing melodies, that conjure up the best of todays post-pop outfits and yesteryears beach boy harmonies. Their music just brightens your day.

Example: Yesterday I was driving home in the headbanging traffic of I-40, but was I upset or angry in any way, no, not at all, because I was off some where swashbuckling to Oh Be One.

They are currently finishing the final stages of their self recorded debut LP to be self released in 2006. Check out their website, myspace, and go drop the $2 on these discs.

(From The Jolly Rogers demo)
.: Oh Be One
.: A Pirate's Anthem
.: The Party Punch

(From Oh No! Oh My! pre-release)
.: Jane Is Fat
.: Walk in the Park

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