Division Day

Well this post is about a band I met through myspace and gvb. Hailing from California, Division Day is Seb Bailey, Rohner Segnitz, Ryan Wilson, and Kevin Lenhart. They have recorded at John Vanderslice's legnedary, Tiny Telephone studios and have toured with the likes of Xiu Xiu, Cass McCombs, and Tristeza. Now that we have the introductions out of the way, let's get down to business.

Division Day is good. It's just that simple, and when I see a band from California, I hesitate for a second, and hope it's not, what I like to call a "Hollywood" band, automatically thinking Pop Magazines and Teen Beat covers, and alot of things come to mind and an excellent band is not always the first thing. Thankfully, Division Day does not dissapoint. Like I said, these guys are good. The band has recently released their EP, The Mean Way In (A full length, Beartrap Island, is already in the final stages of production) and it's an awesome accomplishment for a second ep and has been in constant rotation since I got it.

The artwork is excellent. (You know how I need good art) Birds flocking and scattering, filled literally with colors of pinks and greens and blues and on the inside, an anteater foreground to a background of the same frontal colors. Great artwork, real earthy, and I must say they sound a little different than my first assumption based solely upon the cover.

In their sound, there is a geniuine feeling of sincerity to the music and no matter what region they sound like, (I'm still shocked their from CA), everyone in the band is hitting on all cylinders. They seem to know their roles and choose to excel. Distinct rhythms with percussion, great guitar and bass work, and haunting organ/keyboards fill this disc and provide the perfect accompaniment to Segnitz vocals.

The Mean Way In is six songs, but each seems to have it's own persona, and I guess that's really what an ep's for, to showcase your best work in hopes of getting that lp together. I will tell you what though, this ep succeeds on all accounts, lyrically and musically. Out of the six tracks, three stand out to me right away, but as I listen as I write this, the more and more I hear these songs, they really are all worthy of posting as fine examples of Division Day's sound. I will however post the selections from their site and they are listed below.

If you are unfamiliar with Division Day, please check out their site and if you like their tracks, purchase this disc and let it fuel your desire to own Beartrap Islandthis Spring. *Note* Once you get the EP, I suggest listening to it twice in a row at a minimum. Firstly to absorb their sound and secondly for the lyrics. Upon further listening, you'll hear it, these guys can write. Check out the tracks below from this release and a few from the upcoming Beartrap Island.

(from The Mean Way In EP)
.: Bad Black Moon
.: There Is No Telling

(from Beartrap Island)
.: Colorguard
.: Tigers
.: Tap-Tap, Click-Click

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