Bat For Lashes

Natasha Khan is "Bat For Lashes". I first heard of Bat For Lashes when approached by Devendra Banhart to play, All Tomorrow's Parties. They have accompanied CocoRosie, Jana Hunter, and The Castanets and if that's not a resume worth exploring, I don't know what is.

A striking voice is found in this free spirit that summons thoughts of Cat Power/PJ Harvey if folk were more there speed. But Khan has a quality all her own as she pours out riviting emotion with her mind numbing vocals. Accompanied by Ginger Lee, who shares in the mixture of piano, guitars, harpsichord, autoharp and electronic machines, and three string players ­ Anna, Mary and Abi, they help set the backdrop, or vehicle if you will, to propel Bat For Lashes into an other world aural romance. My head has finally caught up to my heart, and I'm declaring Bat For Lashes as the band to watch out for in 2006.

An excerpt from her site reveals..."The music comes across like a gun that fires wolves...Majestic vocal howls, whispers and hiccups to a backdrop of soaring strings, esoteric folk instruments, distorted guitar, bass rumbles and thunder-clap drums."

Experience Bat for Lashes

.: Howl!
.: Sad Eyes
.: The Wizard (edit)
.: Trophy (edit)

* From Natasha herself, ..."we are releasing a single on Drowned in Sound records, a physical 7" and internet download due out in March/April. The songs will be The Wizard/I Saw A Light. Then we are recording the album for release late summer." There you have it folks. So stayed tune to their site and this year for Bat For Lashes releases.

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