The Arrogants

The Arrogants are like your best friend's band.

They have recently released their 3rd effort, You've Always KnownWhen Best To Say Goodbye, a 23 track cd/dvd. Having released eps in the past, I figured this to be a full length release (it is), but after sampling the tracks provided on The Arrogants' website I wasn't so sure until I read what Twee Kitten had to say about the release. "This release can be considered to be an additional 3 eps - one mostly poppy, one mostly moody, one mostly mellow". That explains everything.

Out of the six songs provided three jumped out at me automatically and have not stopped in the rotation here. A mix between The Sundays and Cub, and if this is your sort of thing I recommend checking these guys out. Below are 3 tracks from You've Always KnownWhen Best To Say Goodbye.

.: Cool Shoes
.: Lovesick
.: Butterflies

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