VU: Two Will Oldham 7"'s

For this Upload Series we'll go with two 7" releases. The first is from Bonnie 'Blue' Billy (aka Will Oldham) and his release Little Boy Blue. I'm a huge Oldham fan and when a friend of mine loaned me this 7", I was thrilled. A record about a boy saddened by three separte love-related issues and part of the Portrait Series on Western Vinyl.

Little Boy Blue Part I is acoustic folk and bare bones Oldham, centered around the desire for affection. Blue Boy, the second cut on side A, is a bit more upbeat then the first track, but still has classic Oldham written all over it and it deals with a recent break up and the desire to return. The b-side is Little Boy Blue Part II and this is where he ventures out and is assisted by a drum machine and electric guitar, and is dealing with un-acted upon advances from a woman.

A classic 7" and unfortunatly unavailable.

The second 7" in this post is dedicated to David Allan Coe, or at least two covers of the man. Side A is WIll Oldham performing In My Mind. A great song in general, but Oldham puts his twist on it and scores big. Classic Oldham here. The b-side is the song Spotlight sung by Rising Shotgun (aka Brett Ralph) I was unfamilar with this Lousville band, but I'll tell you what, this song is the highlight of the split. Don't get me wrong, Oldham's contribution is grand, but I wasn't expecting much from, quit frankly, a band I never heard of, but Rising Shotgun is good.

Hope everyone enjoys these tracks. They will be up for about a week or two. I suggest ebay if you want to own a copy, because they are out of print and the tracks are not on any compilations.

.: Little Boy Blue Part I
.: Blue Boy

.: Little Boy Blue Part II

.: In My Mind (Will Oldham - A-Side)
.: Spotlight (Rising Shotgun - B-Side)

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More Oldham related stuff tomorrow.