The Twin Atlas: Sun Township

Tappersize described The Twin Atlas' Sun Township as "that meditative moment found during a golden dusk or a hazy dawn". I don't think I could describe this album any better than that quote.

The Twin Atlas takes you on a musical journey through an open field of pastoral pop. With lead singer/songwriter Sean Byrne's soft, warm vocals harmonized with Lucas Zaleski, these songs brighten my dreay winter day with dream-like thoughts.

Byrne, an accomplished musician (ex-drummer of Mazarin and Matt Pond PA) has found the golden ticket on how to write songs. It's hard these days to make an album. Not a catchy tune or a few good songs, but a full length LP. This is one quality that I look for in new music and I don't have to like every song, but it's rare to find a whole album worth of good tracks.

The Twin Atlas have made such an album with Sun's Township. Every track truely is intimate aural bliss. With tones of Mark Kozelek's voice and the musical intimacy of Elliot Smith, The Twin Atlas atomatically move to the top of my list for bands to watch out for in 2006.

Highly Recommended!

.: Roll On
.: Three Loves
.: Lost Way Falling

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