Shiny Around the Edges

Intimate, dark, isolated lullibies would be as good of place as any to start to describe the songs of Shiny Around the Edges. I would have never guessed this duo resides in the state of Texas. I would have thought somewhere where it snows and they cherishes grey days most of the year, but the band says,
"they strive to create songs that serve as tone poems amongst the high grasses and wildflowers that make the North Texas prairie a pastoral wonderland."

I don't know if these songs represent a pastoral wonderland, but tone poems for sure. Jennifer's vocals amidst a landscape of feedback and ambience on Waiting for the Rain haunts your soul, while In the Heart takes on a folk facade layered with gentle guitar picking, found sound collages, and the intimate vocals of Micheal and Jenifier intertwined.

Check out their website andpurchase Secrets of the Double Blind, one of their limited edition handmade cdrs while they last.

.: Waiting for the Night
.: In the Heart