Mt. Gigantic

Man today has been busy. Not only am I still battling this cold, but I've been working hard all day on The Collective. Just got sweet news that I will be attending the Nada Surf w/ Rogue Wave concert on the 10th of February. Barsuk was kind enough to slip those tix my way. So hopefully I'll have some great pics, stories, and sounds for you.

On to the music... I really don't know how to catergorize these guys other than to say their good. They have qualities of my beloved Animal Collective, with some Joan of Arc-ish thrown in, but to say they really sound like someone is I won't.

I came across Mt. Gigantic when looking for some more Vollmar stuff (Justin Vollmar is in this band) I downloaded a few tracks and then couldn't stop listening to them and went back for the rest. Sample the tracks below and visit there website to download some more from Old Simler.

.: My Grandpa Plays Drums
.: Raechel and her Children

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