Marissa Nadler: The Saga of Mayflower May

This album came out in 2005, but I have been listening to it more and more lately. Marissa Nadler's The Saga of Mayflower May is an absolutely beautiful record of folk, with sweet, heart-felt lyrics and gingerly picked acoustic guitars. Her voice is that of a siren, luring the listener and conjuring up thoughts of the love, nature, and loss that can only reside in our minds. This is definently worth the listen.

Marissa is also a visual artist and has samples of her work on her website. Sample a few tracks from the release below.

.: Under an Old Umbrella
.: Lily, Henry, and the Willow Trees
.: Old Love Haunts Me in the Morning

.: Glory Glory Hallelujah

You can purchase Marissa's work here and check out her website.