The London Apartments

A little unlike the normal music I put up here, but I've been listening to The London Apartments recently and it's a fine mix of ambient and electronica with soft emotional lyrics. I'm posting a few tracks from their 2004 EP, Dialogue of One, released on the net label, Sundays in Spring. The London Apartments on this ep are Justin Langlois = voice, guitar, loops and Erin Fortier = guitar, laptop, synth. Their bio for this release states they are,

"embracing technology alongside bedroom pop songwriting ethics, the london apartments' eyes light up under the glow of computer screen and delay pedal LEDs, while their hands fill with guitar and synth surrounded with glitchloops and drum-machine rhythms. close your eyes and breathe in these sounds."

TLA is currently only Justin Langlois and he is currently working on a new cd. In 2005 TLA released a full length entitled Romanticism Aside. You can purchase that LP here and check out their myspace. Enjoy three tracks from the Dialogue of One EP, it's definently worth the listen.

.: Streetlights Are Soldiers
.: Teeth
.: It Is Never Goodbye

You can download the whole ep from here.
[website] [purchase other TLA]