Jawbreaker: Dear You

Now I'm showing some age, but Jawbreaker was the shit back in the Nineties and they just came up on the itunes random and I thought why not throw them out there. The key to Jawbreaker for me is Blake Schwarzenbach (later going on to form Jets to Brazil) I know alot of people who are down on Dear You, released in 1995, but this is my favorite Jawbreaker album. I guess mainly due to the fact, that as they were changing, so was I. Emo/Hardcore was growing tiresome and this album (although many say they sold out by signing to Geffen, and maybe they did), but this album bridged that gap that I was looking for. None the less I think it's a good album and definitely should be heard.

Here are two tracks from Dear You.

.: Save your Generation
.: Unlisted Track

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