Finian McKean's Shades are Drawn

From the opening riff of Shades Are Drawn I was pulled into Finian's world. The available tracks on his site, Black Hole and Shades are Drawn are both good, with me being more partial to Shades are Drawn with it's intense "Crazy Horse" style riff. But the true gems are buried on the album with the more intimate acoustics and harmonies of Little Beggar, Where No One Wants Me, and the bonus track that is placed at the end of Fortune Cookie. His website states this album expresses his city-fueled anxieties and I can hear that in his voice.

Over all it's a nice effort by the former Push King and the "four minute escapes" (that seems to be over quoted) are in fact, just that, escapes. The album has two different feels to it, but it is intertwined in a way that doesn't seem to harsh and on second listening, seems to flow rather well together. No matter what track you decide to listen to though , there is no doubt in McKean's guitar playing ability. Acoustic or Electric, it all rocks. I suppose that at a different time I may be more drawn to the heavier arrangements, but like I said, the stand outs to me are the tracks where you feel it's just you and him in a flat in NY.

Check out Finian's website and Shades Are Drawn can be purchased here.

.: Little Beggar
.: Shades Are Drawn
.: Black Hole