Finally, David Lynch for the masses

Minus the oversized packaging and exclusive booklets, comes, for the first time to the mass market (January 10, 2006), two of my most prized dvds, David Lynch’s Eraserhead and a Collection of Short Films. Originally only available from David Lynch’s website, Amazon, and I’m assuming other retailers are providing the buying public with repacked, strip down versions of the original releases, but trust me, well worth owning and a must for any fan of cinema. Eraserhead has influenced everyone from myself to Kubrick (just had to put myself and Kubrick in the same sentence, although I’m not worthy) and needs to be your next dvd purchase. Once you have this, venture over to his Shorts, See less info The Amputee, Six Men Getting Sick (Six Times), The Grandmother, and my personal favorite, The Alphabet. This collection is for the true David Lynch fans only, and hell while your spending all your hard earned cash, check out Lynch on Lynch, a spectacular read.

-purchase Eraserhead
-purchase The Short Films of David Lynch