Ester Drang: Rocinate

Ester Drang has truely come to life with their latest album, Rocinate. I've had Infinite Keys since '03 and listened to it alot, but never really latched on, but with this, their third proper release, out yesterday, they have taken their music to the next level. It's not often when a band out does it's debut and second effort, but in this case Ester Drang excels on all fronts with Rocinate.

They are coming to NC via The Wetlands in Chapel Hill on 3/1, so make sure to grab some tickets. In close (I know that sounds like a fucking paper, but I just had no other way to transistion, but I couldn't not say something about this amazing cover.) I love album covers and this is one of my favorites so far this year. Check out the tracks Valencia's Dying Dream and Come Back Alive from this release.

.: Valencia's Dying Dream
.: Come Back Alive

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