Biirdie is kind of a guilty pleasure, although I'm not too guilty about liking their debut, Morning Kills The Dark. I say that, because I've seemed to follow lead singer Jared Flamm no matter where he goes (music wise that is) He was the lead singer of my favorite college band Noah's Red Tattoo and then helped Laura Minor get off the ground and now his latest incarnation, Biirdie. I say his, but it's equal parts Kala Savage, and Richard Gowen. With Jared's uniquie vocals and Kala's beautiful voice you really can't go wrong when wanting that occasional pop music treat. MKTD is truely a great debut and Splendid said, "If you love pop songcraft -- and you know you do -- there's simply no reason why you shouldn't own this record."

I wrote about the album a few month's ago, but two new tracks became available so check out the sample from MKTD, the two new tracks and two tracks from Noah's Red Tattoo.

Check out Biirdie's website, my space, and you should be able to purchase MKTD just about anywhere including their website.

.: You've Got Darkness (MKTD)
.: Estelle (new track)
.: We Can't Work It Out (new track)

.: Day My Sister (NRT - Record Low Turnout)
.: Rosencrantz is Dead (NRT- Soapbox Days)